Right Leg

Postural Realignment to Reduce Standing on Right Leg

Our bodies are built to put more weight over our right hip/leg primarily due to the heavy liver on the right pulling us to this side. ​The result is chronic overuse of the RIGHT gluteus (butt), hamstring and groin muscles to stabilize our body​.

Also, the pelvis will rotate to the right to help center our body over the right leg for better balance. These compensatory changes in our posture can cause a host of pain syndromes ON EITHER SIDE in the hips and low back all the way up to the neck and jaw. These patterns of misalignment have been ingrained in our nervous systems for decades, so unwinding this process is slow and steady.

The following steps are a simple way to engage the left side more to realign the pelvis back to a more neutral position.


1. If you’re on a computer try to get the screen as close to eye level as possible for better neck posture. For laptop users, sometimes a separate cordless keyboard helps because then the hands can stay low on the counter and the screen can be raised much higher.

2. Legs should be shoulder width apart and the right foot is moved 1-3 inches forward to help rotate the pelvis back to the left. (Should feel comfortable).

3. This step will feel awkward at first, but keep your back straight and bring the top of your left shoulder backward little by little until you feel pressure down into the left heel. Your weight will automatically start to shift to the left so be careful NOT to pop your hip out to the left side, but to keep the left shoulder, hip and heel aligned.

4. When engaged in this posture, SEE IF YOU CAN FEEL THE LEFT HAMSTRINGS CONTRACTING? If everything is lined up but you can’t feel the left hamstrings you might need to slightly bend the left knee and this will force them to contract.

5. Hold this posture for as long as you can. It can be done when you’re brushing your teeth, waiting in line, standing talking to someone, etc. Make it your new stance.