Postural Realignment: Full Body/Breathing Technique

This technique will help adjust/improve the breathing mechanics in your rib cage, reduce muscle over-firing in the right glutes/hamstrings/groin and realign your center of gravity back to a more neutral position.

Postural Excercises1. Legs and arms are at least shoulder width apart. Arms should be resting on a STABLE surface like the kitchen counter, back of a sofa, or heavy chair.

2. Before the breath work begins apply a downward, steady, moderate pressure from your right shoulder into the arm and palm of your right hand. Maintain this throughout the exercise.

3. Also before the breath work, move the right foot 2-4 inches forward until you start to feel the hips/pelvis start to rotate toward your left arm.

4. In order to engage the left side, slowly move your left hip STRAIGHT BACKWARDS (don’t pop the hip out to the left side) until you feel pressure in the left heel and hamstrings. If you can’t feel the hamstrings contract, mildly bend the left knee forward until it fires.


6. Take a deep breath in THROUGH YOUR NOSE
while maintaining steps 1-4. While the air is going into the lungs, focus on pulling the air into the low back area by gently curving it backwards (arrow). This helps with low back alignment and gets air deeply into the bottom of the lungs.

7. EXHALATION IS THE MOST IMPORTANT STEP to relax the diaphragm so when you breathe out, breathe all the way out until there is nothing left, then count to 3 seconds and inhale again… all while maintaining steps 1-4. Repeat for 10 breaths and do it twice a day.

8. To add extra realignment activity, engage the right hip flexor muscle by going up on the right toe (easiest), a book (medium), or raise the foot up (hardest). This will inhibit over- firing of the left hip flexor muscle by contracting the right one which helps to realign the lumbar spine/low back.